Study Points to Opportunities for Insulation Sales

by WOHe

Study Points to Opportunities for Insulation

Denver A research study on sound control in the residential
construction industry has revealed that builders and remodelers
could sell more sound control upgrades to homeowners and buyers
“simply by educating consumers and offering the upgrades.”

According to the results of the study conducted by the
independent research and consulting firm Kathy J. Speas and
Associates on behalf of Denver-based supplier Johns Manville
one-third of homeowners questioned would have made different
decisions about sound control if they had been given more
information. In addition, among the 17% who were offered sound
control upgrades, 70% purchased them.

Among the more annoying sounds to homeowners is noise from
appliances and water pipes, survey sponsors noted.
The research demonstrates the residential market for sound control
“is untapped,” and consumer demand could be created, if builders
and remodelers simply offered sound control upgrades, study
sponsors said, adding that most builders and remodelers “don’t
offer sound control unless consumers ask for it.”

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