Supplier Update: Sierra Pacific Windows, President’s Message

by Patrick OToole

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March 23, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

A lot is changing in our world rapidly. News headlines have us turning our heads every few minutes. One of the biggest announcements this past Thursday evening was the largest shelter in place orders in U.S. history for California’s 40 million residents to stay home, except to perform essential activities. With the largest share of Sierra Pacific Industries operations including our main Windows division office and our Windows Red Bluff manufacturing facility located in Northern California, we believe you may have questions on how these recent developments impact us.

Sierra Pacific Industries will continue running because we provide electricity, wood products, and windows that are essential to many of the critical needs of society. Recent guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is included in California’s Order and clearly defines our crewmembers as part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce. Based on our review of the DHS guidance and the State’s Order, our directive is to continue our operations.

Although we will run our operations, this is definitely not business as usual.We are operating in uncharted territory and will rely on our values to guide our decisions, just as we always have. The health and well-being of our crew at all of our facilities remains our top priority. It is vitally important that we continue to implement and enforce social distancing, limited gatherings, increased cleaning of surfaces, restricting visitors, eliminating travel, and the other measures we need to take to keep our crew safe.

Today’s virus is proving more than ever how interrelated we are as a society, which leads to the next concern we know you have.  How is our supply chain holding up? Our Purchasing and Management groups have been on top of this topic from the beginning and we don’t see concerns right now. Admittedly, everything is very fluid with other states implementing new and varied restrictions that could impact different suppliers of ours. Thankfully at Sierra Pacific Windows we have always operated with more than adequate inventory levels. We do have a lot of reserves, which affords us a high level of confidence in our ability to meet the needs of the orders ahead of us.

Lastly, we want to ask, how are you doing? We want you to know the phone lines to all of our sales and service personnel are open and we are here to support you in anyway needed at this time.  If you are impacted with closures or unable to accept deliveries, please let us know. If you are looking for productive ways to use this time to educate staff, please call your Territory Manager.  We have a lot going on in the field in the form of webinars and training that make for valuable gains.

As the wise state, this too shall pass, and it will. We’re all in this together. When this is behind us, there will be positives that we take forward to shape the future landscape of all of our businesses.


Tom Takach
Sierra Pacific Windows

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