Surface technology cuts the cord

by Kacey Larsen

What if cords to charge mobile phones could be eliminated? TechTop from LG Hausys is taking a step in that direction.

TechTop is an embedded surface technology for wireless charging that works with LG Hausys’ HI-MACS solid surface and Viatera Quartz as well as wood and laminate products. This technology is a move towards providing eco-conscious living spaces, according to Cathy Scutier, senior national account manager in the Surfaces Division of LG Hausys.

“Millions of cords get thrown away every year, especially when new generations of phones are introduced and require a different size cord or cords break and replacements are needed. With TechTop, we help eliminate the need for all those charging cords which is better for the environment,” she says. “TechTop is easy to incorporate into any application. The beauty of our product is that it is embedded underneath the material and does not compromise or modify the design in any way, but actually enhances the beauty of your space as you no longer see those unsightly cords.”

A TechTop package includes a single transmitter with an AC adaptor. The wireless charger is compatible with the Qi standard, and all devices that do not have a Qi receiver built in can buy compatible accessories like a charging case. Scutier explains that the mobile carriers decide whether or not their mobile phones will have the Qi receiver built into the phone – it isn’t the phone manufacturer or LG Hausys’ decision. One device can be charged at a time, and TechTop has about a 1 1/2-in.-diameter charging area from the center of the transmitter. Once the battery is full, the unit is intuitive enough to recognize it and stop the rate of charge to prevent damage and extend the battery life.

“We envision TechTop is to wireless charging as Wi-Fi is to data. Battery life is a major problem now that smart phones are being used to do more and more, thus requiring a longer battery life,” Scutier says. “By incorporating technology into a surface, it opens up the design possibilities and creates a clean, organized space.

“There is no limit or restrictions on the number of TechTop units you place in your surface; it all depends on the design and application,” she continues. “The only thing that needs to be thought about is having a power outlet designed underneath cabinets or hidden in application so that the [transmitter] cord is concealed.”

TechTop is available through LG Hausys’ certified dealer and fabrication network, and Scutier says the product will be launched soon through big box retail. For more information on TechTop, call (866) 767-9764 or visit

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