Survey Reveals Consumer Awareness Of NKBA Low

by WOHe

Survey Reveals Consumer Awareness Of NKBA

Hackettstown, NJ Consumer awareness of the National Kitchen &
Bath Association (NKBA) is extremely low, while homeowners
apparently attach little importance to the trade associations their
remodeler belongs to when choosing a professional to handle their
kitchen and/or bath project, a recent survey concludes.

According to the consumer-awareness survey, whose results were
released late last year by the NKBA, only 1% of 500 consumers
polled by the independent Burke Marketing Research said they are
“very familiar” with the NKBA, while 25% said they recognized the
NKBA when they heard the association’s name read to them.

Moreover, nearly one-third of those consumers questioned
admitted that they did not know if their remodeling contractor
belonged to a professional association at all, while only three
homeowners mentioned that their remodeler was an NKBA member, the
association added (see Editorial, Page 7).
According to the NKBA, based here, the study revealed that
consumers used professional contractors more frequently for kitchen
remodeling projects (69%) than for bathroom renovations (54%).
Almost half the homeowners surveyed chose their contractor on the
basis of a friend’s or relative’s referral. By comparison, 13% used
a professional reference, 9% met their remodeler in a retail store,
and 4% used the Yellow Pages to find their remodeler.

“Building consumer awareness certainly will be a major challenge
for the association,” said Larry Spangler, NKBA’s director of
marketing and membership. “As more consumers recognize the NKBA
name and understand who we are and what we do, the level of
positive response will, no doubt, increase substantially.”

A major part of the NKBA’s newly implemented strategic plan is
to increase consumer awareness and brand preference for NKBA
members by 25% over the course
of the next five years.

“Our job is to develop and produce effective consumer
advertising and promotional campaigns to make that happen,”
Spangler said, noting that the burden for that task rests on the
shoulders of both associations officials and members.

Spangler pointed out that, upon hearing a brief descriptive
statement about the NKBA, nearly one in four of the consumers
polled said they would consider NKBA membership when evaluating
contractors for future kitchen and bath remodeling projects. Some
86% of the homeowners who used professionals for their projects and
were aware of the NKBA name said that NKBA members should advertise
their membership status, while56% added that they felt that those
NKBA members who advertised would be more successful. 

In addition, Spangler said, consumers placed a high level of
confidence in NKBA members as having the latest design and product
information, as well as the expertise needed to install a

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