Survey Reveals Homeowners Looking to Add More Color

by Kacey Larsen

The Sherwin-Williams 2014 National Home Design and Color Survey was conducted to determine the most popular home projects and colors planned for spring and summer. Results revealed that seven in 10 homeowners will undertake a house-related project in the next six months, with painting (42 percent) topping the list followed by landscaping (41 percent) and redecorating (30 percent).

Three in four homeowners believe there is a room or area in their house that needs painting. The bedroom (24 percent) ranks at the top of the list, followed by the living room area (22 percent) and bathroom (21 percent). Homeowners (64 percent) are also looking to add more color to their home, especially men are gravitating towards color (58 percent).

Some of the color highlights revealed during the survey are:

  • Nearly a third of people (32 percent) would like a warm neutrals color palette in their home, featuring a hint of red, yellow or brown.
  • Cool neutrals, with a hint of blue or green, are preferred by 25 percent.
  • Women (24 percent) prefer a soft and light aesthetic, whereas men (34 percent) like warm neutrals.
  • Younger homeowners, ages 18 to 34, want to use a rich and dark color palette, while those ages 65 and up prefer a soft and light palette.

More on Sherwin-Williams and its 2014 National Home Design and Color Survey can be found here

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