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A home’s personality begins on the exterior and speaks to the individuality of the family living inside. To express that distinction, some homeowners are looking at alternative materials for their roof like synthetic slate. These products make it possible for remodelers to achieve a high-end look for their clients without the large price tag and the weight a natural stone product possess.

Symphony composite slate roofing by CertainTeed was featured in Qualified Remodeler’s March roofing section. This product is formed with the texture and contours of real quarried slate. It is designed to mimic the look and feel of natural slate, yet is lighter, more durable and costs a fraction of the price. It is an Energy Star-qualified product and has a consistency of colors from pallet to pallet that allows aesthetic mixing on a roof. Symphony is available in the color blends Colonial Gray, Capital Blend and Evergreen.

Primarily an asphalt roofing manufacturer, CertainTeed produces everything from strip shingles up to luxury asphalt shingles and has one of the largest varieties of asphalt shingle products than anybody in the marketplace.

“Symphony was really our first foray into the roofing segment outside of the asphalt area,” says Paul Batt, director of product marketing for CertainTeed’s roofing products group. “Since it’s a composite product and has no asphalt in it, it makes it pretty unique in our product line.”

When CertainTeed first started looking at this product category years ago, it realized it could replicate the look of authentic slate very accurately by molding composite plastic. Symphony is an extremely durable product, comes with a Class 4 impact-resistant rating, is highly wind resistant, and with the appropriate underlayment it can achieve a Class A fire rating.

CertainTeed does recommend though that Symphony be applied over a solid deck. It is also cautioned that the slope of the roof be 3:12 or better; otherwise there are no real limitations to the product.

As far as roofing products go, CertainTeed has a number of things in the fire. In addition to some new products that it has coming out this year, it’s been really dedicated to the development of its new sustainable roofing products.

“Last year we released a product called Landmark Solaris which is our solar reflective asphalt shingle offering,” explains Batt. “It’s Energy Star-rated and designed to reflect solar activity and keep heat out of the building envelope.

This year we’re going to be introducing a product called EnerGen which will be our first offering into the photovoltaic segment and will be part of a whole line of products that will be launched over the next few years.”

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Comparative Companies:

  • DaVinci Roofscapes’ revolutionary polymer tiles offer homeowners and contractors the authentic colors and natural textures of quarried slate, hand-split or machine-sawn cedar shake. Type #67 in E-Inquiry Form.
  • EcoStar’s product offering includes synthetic slate Majestic Slate Tiles, synthetic wood shake Seneca Shake, a line of designer tiles and a full line of accessories. Type #68 in E-Inquiry Form.

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