The job of creating a consistent flow of quality leads is not for the feint-of-heart. Home improvement company owners typically shoulder this task themselves, sharing responsibility with a marketing associate. Many of the largest home improvement companies today are big enough to require the services of a true chief marketing officer. One of the best in the business in that role is Dawn Dewey, senior vice president of Dreamstyle Remodeling in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2021 the company billed $151.9 million in revenue on 10,621 jobs. To keep Dreamstyle’s sales team out in the field and selling jobs across six states requires a multi-platform approach to driving leads. In this podcast Dewey goes into detail about the company’s approach to managing lead sources: Testing, Investing and Resting. If driving leads for new business is something that keeps you up at night, you’ll want to hear Dewey’s thoughts on the topic in Episode No. 7 of Talking TOP 500.

Talking TOP 500 is a reference to Qualified Remodeler magazine’s long-running annual ranking of the largest remodelers and home improvement pros by revenue. Co-hosted by Patrick O’Toole and Tim Musch, the podcast focuses on issues facing entrepreneurs in this space. To learn more, go to or subscribe to the podcast on Apple iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform. To subscribe to Qualified Remodeler magazine or one of its newsletters, click here.

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