Talking Top 500: Interview with Amy Zimmerman, CMO of Tundraland Home Improvement, a Leaf Home Company

by Emily Blackburn

On this episode of Talking TOP 500, Patrick O’Toole and Tim Musch chat with Amy Zimmerman (CMO
Leaf Home | Tundraland Home Improvements) about the latest trends in lead generation for home improvement companies.

  • Zimmerman previews her TOP 500 LIVE panel discussion featuring four All-Star marketers who will present their top lead-gen trends in-person Oct. 18-19, 2022 in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The impact of the economic slowdown on lead-generation activities today.
  • Trends in marketing technology: Zimmerman highlights the latest tools with the biggest lead-gen upside. From the newest website bots to personalized text messaging, the key, she says is to keep the messaging targeted and authentic. Success with marketing technology hinges on clearly identifying your target clients.

Amy Zimmerman will lead a panel of All-Star Lead-Generation pros at TOP 500 LIVE.

To learn more about attending the event in person, go to

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