Episode No. 15 is with John Anglis, founder of CareFree Home Pros of Avon, Connecticut. CareFree is a Bath Replacement business that generated $9.5 million in revenue in 2022, the last year that Anglis owned the company. This past February, Anglis sold CareFree to Sage Home for an undisclosed cash amount.

Anglis is not afraid to tell you about the many bumps in the road he encountered before some of the lessons learned all fit in place beginning about nine years ago. Anglis frequently makes the observation that the success of Care Free took hold the more he “got out of the way”. 

About Talking TOP 500

Talking TOP 500 refers to the long-running annual ranking of large home improvement firms, the Qualified Remodeler TOP 500, which was just released for the 45th in August. 

Each episode we interview leaders in the home improvement and remodeling industry to get their perspective on all aspects of growth and profitability. 

Patrick O’Toole of SOLA Group Inc. and Qualified Remodeler magazine and Tim Musch, a “Legend” of the home improvement industry co-host the podcast.

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