The spring home-show season is here. All around the country, remodelers and home improvement pros are preparing to exhibit at one or more of these popular local consumer events. For many remodelers, home shows are their bread and butter. The leads generated at these events can make-or-break their year, or, at the very least, put them on the path toward a successful year. For others, home shows are just one of many reliable lead sources at their disposal. Regardless, success at these events takes planning, preparation, and solid strategy for engaging with consumers who are ready to make improvements.

That is why the Talking TOP 500 podcast turned to an expert on face-to-face marketing for Episode No. 8—Mr. Tony Hoty. Hoty is a long-time entrepreneur in the industry. This year his company, Window Depot of Cleveland, will hit $6 million in installed sales. He’s also a leading consultant to other remodelers and home improvement pros, particularly when it comes to the topic of generating leads. Hoty is a frequent presenter at TOP 500 LIVE and is host of the popular LeadCon conference, which is presented each spring. This interview with Tony Hoty offers a great primer on how to put your best foot forward at home shows and events in 2023.

About this Podcast
Talking TOP 500 is a reference to Qualified Remodeler magazine’s long-running annual ranking of the largest remodelers and home improvement pros by revenue. Co-hosted by Patrick O’Toole and Tim Musch, the podcast focuses on issues facing entrepreneurs in this space. To learn more, go to or subscribe to the podcast on Apple iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform. To subscribe to Qualified Remodeler magazine or one of its newsletters, click here.

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