Technology Can Streamline Operations for Designers, Expert Notes

by WOHe

Technology Can Streamline Operations for Designers,
Expert Notes

Kitchen and bath designers should not be afraid of new
technology and software that could not only help them run their
firms more efficiently, but also give them a competitive edge.

So says Michele Daenzer-Sapp, CKD, CBD, ASID, of Raffinati
Cucine Italiane, L.L.C. She spoke about the importance and use of
technology within the kitchen and bath field at a recent
Kitchen/Bath Industry Show seminar in Orlando, FL entitled “Oh

According to Daenzer-Sapp, technology is “more pervasive than we
think,” especially when one considers who is utilizing technology
to facilitate business quickly and efficiently within this industry
for example, manufacturers, product representatives, salespeople,
designers and homeowners. So, why not embrace technology, she
advises, as it could help kitchen and bath designers streamline
their operations and make projects easier to manage.

Daenzer-Sapp believes, however, that before designers start
incorporating newer software and tech devices into the way they do
business, they ought to have an evaluation process in place. For
instance, she advises that designers evaluate technology based on
the following:

  • Accessibility of the hardware. Research its availability first,
    says Daenzer-Sapp.
  • Ease-of-use. This is “paramount,” she says.
  • Connection type is it compatible with existing software/
  • Portability.
  • Does it do what it says it will on the box?
  • Do I need this?

With all of the high-tech gadgets, services and software
programs now available, Daenzer-Sapp suggests kitchen and bath
designers consider the following options: video phones, “smart”
phones, radio phones (i.e., Nextel, Verizon, etc.) and PDA phones;
PDA and Microsoft Office for the PDA; CAD programs for PDAs;
construction management software for pocket PCs; scanning software,
and job management software and purchasing programs for the

Daenzer-Sapp further suggests that kitchen and bath designers
seek out and utilize more than just design software in the office.
“We shouldn’t limit ourselves to just design software,” she says.
“For example, manufacturer programs give us a little more
flexibility in design, despite the possible learning curve that may
be involved.”

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