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by Kacey Larsen

In today’s connected world, it isn’t uncommon for customers to expect an instantaneous response. Facebook Messenger rates your business page on how quickly you respond to messages; Yelp indicates how quickly you reply to a request for a quote; and Houzz tracks your recent activity and responsiveness, among many other examples. So why should customer’s expectations of your responsiveness regarding your company and website be any different? Live chat tools can be customized and added directly to your website to engage with those visiting, answer questions in real- time, and help with lead and conversion rates. Read on to learn more about a selection of chat software, their tools and solutions.


Providing around-the-clock chat coverage, ApexChat uses industry-trained live chat agents and its own software platform to manage chats. The turnkey chat service has been custom developed to qualify leads and only charges for those that are “qualified.” To further this support of qualified leads, the chat service can integrate with many CRM systems, such as SalesForce and InfusionSoft. ApexChat will also handle other chat types, like service requests, and share a transcript of them without charge. It uses live chat scripts developed for the home improvement industry and reviews chat transcripts consistently to improve its system intelligence. Additionally, visitors can be connected directly to your office by phone from within a chat window using the company’s Call Connect. ApexChat features a Google Maps integration to ensure customers fit your company’s service area, and its chat invites and windows can sense and react accordingly when a user is visiting a website using a mobile device. Tailor the chat experience by customizing the chat invite, chat window and even interactions to fit your company’s branding and messaging. An Exit Popup can also be added to reduce site abandonment.

Beyond a website chat window, ApexChat offers many other tools and connection options, such as SMS Text-to-Chat for your website and AdWords ads. ApexChat’s Facebook Messenger Integration connects users via Facebook ads directly with a business using Messenger, where an ApexChat agent chats with a prospect much the same way as a website visitor. In response to Google beginning to allow “text messaging” directly from a Google local listing, ApexChat can help with the setup of a Google My Business page as well as handle the text messages promptly, capturing lead information the same way as on your website.

Request a demonstration or learn more about ApexChat by visiting or calling (888) 510-0297.


Launching only as a visitor moves their cursor to leave a website, the DontGo chat window pops up when a visitor moves to the top right or bottom left of their screen. As someone goes to exit the site, DontGo engages a user, provides answers to questions, and offers a final incentive to take action before leaving. The artificial intelligence chat software can keep customers on your website longer, thereby increasing conversion rates and reducing lead form abandonment. Because the software runs on artificial intelligence using preloaded responses, it can be available 24/7/365 and can reduce some costs affiliated with customer service and support teams undertaking live chat or customer calls, not to mention the lack of engagement after business hours.

Capable of engaging with users on computers, smartphones and tablets, a chat box can launch on and from all pages of a company’s website to optimize impact. DontGo’s preloaded answers are generated from years of visitor questions and are tailored to your specific industry; plus, it has ongoing updates in addition to the ability to rotate, test and optimize “agent” scripts. The chat box itself can be designed using your company’s logo and corresponding brand or website colors. All user interactions—such as website hits, chat launches, leads captured and revenue generated—are tracked and available via analytical tools and reporting. A DontGo support representative works with you on developing a custom solution that fits your business and website.

DontGo offers a free 30-day trial as well as demonstrations. For more information, visit or call (800) 922-5555.


Seeing website chats as an extension of customer service, LiveChat lets customers grade their overall service following a chat session. Additionally, a customer can share their chat experience on social media, resulting in positive exposure for good service. The chat software allows you to engage with customers by sending automatic greetings and informing them you are available and ready to help. Built-in tools from LiveChat help provide swift service, like the ability to see what customers are typing before they send a chat, which allows you to answer common questions quickly with prewritten responses. Also, the color of customer circles/popups in chats indicates what requires attention, thus helping with the speed of response. Chat windows can be customized with custom colors and the addition of your company logo.

Customers can be added directly into your CRM straight from chat using a number of integration options. LiveChat offers detailed reports that measure customer service improvement and efficiency. The company also offers tools behind-the-scenes to help train and track customer service among your team members. Create new employee chat accounts, assign them specific tasks, and set their business hours within management tools. LiveChat desktop apps for Mac and Windows provide built-in desktop notifications, and the Mobile LiveChat app for iOS and Android can take chats out of the office. A LiveChat for web browser option works on all browsers and still provides secure, cloud-based chatting applications.

LiveChat offers a free 30-day trial. For more information, visit |QR

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