Customer relationship management (CRM) covers all aspects of the interaction between a company and its clients, from initial contact through service. Software has helped organizations handle this communication but, increasingly, businesses have adopted similar applications to supervise their marketing, contacts, employees, contracts and sales leads in addition to advising their customers.

An effective CRM solution gives companies reliable data that enables them to offer the products and services their clients want and, as a result, retain more of their customers. CRM applications also assist salespeople in cross-selling and upselling consumers because they supply the business with a better profile of its customers. The best CRM software, in other words, creates more deals.

Stability, scalability and security have long been the chief concerns for software vendors as they develop new CRM solutions. The growing popularity of CRM applications, however, has forced many vendors to make usability a primary focus of their products. The following CRM software allows a remodeling business to gain insights, streamline operations and personalize its services.


MarketSharp utilizes radius marketing and other sales tools to showcase completed projects and drive additional sales in the surrounding areas. The MarketSharp Nurture Marketing system helps remodelers close more jobs through a combination of targeted direct mail, automated emails, call reminders and integrated social media. It also can recover as much as 60 percent of the leads lost.

The web-based software permits access to job and customer data anytime and anywhere—in the office, on the jobsite, in a vehicle or at home—securely on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. It integrates company, sales, service and production calendars, maps and routes appointments, and uses follow-up marketing to drive repeat sales and referrals, which encourages customer loyalty.

MarketSharp accommodates industry solutions such as HomeAdvisor, QuickBooks and Constant Contact, and provides detailed metrics and reports so remodelers can comprehend their sales and marketing profitability. The vendor schedules a one-on-one training session after signup, and one of its specialists checks in with remodelers every two weeks during the first four months to guarantee satisfaction.

improveit 360

The improveit 360 platform equips remodelers with the ability to track and manage every step of their relationships. A centralized incoming lead database and duplicate lead prevention eliminate errors, redundancies and manual entries for the business. Users can automate how they schedule appointments, emails and communications with staff to construct quotes and run jobs seamlessly.

A built-in Closed Loop Marketing feature requires companies to follow up every lead in a smart, consistent way with reminders and automatic life cycle emails that can boost issue, sit, demo and close rates. The Product Configurator enables remodelers to enter all the products they sell into one catalog, create custom options and price modifiers, and generate itemized quotes and orders.

This data lives in the cloud platform—the backbone of improveit 360—and can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The Production Grid makes project management easier by delivering a real-time view of multiple jobs and the status of each activity. A dedicated account manager partners with remodelers to design an implementation plan specific to their team needs.


LeadPerfection seeks to address the challenges that remodelers face daily with features for each employee and job function. The web-based software captures leads, manages the call center, distributes leads to sales representatives, provides market analysis and administers the entire production cycle. It generates more than 175 standard reports and can also create custom reports.

A mapping feature with estimated drive time between appointments allows staff to find the ideal appointment slot and minimize the time salespeople spend driving. The commission module can automate the sales commission process and calculate payments based on the unique rules of each company. A free app, SalesMan, enables sales reps to view schedules, track results and receive stats.

The call center management reduces the time taken to re-contact leads and improves conversion rates significantly. A built-in flexibility permits remodelers to follow their own business methods rather than forcing undesired practices on them because of the software. LeadPerfection does not require a long-term contract or even the purchase of additional licenses as the company expands. | QR

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