Technology, Nature Seen Affecting Color in Kitchen and Bath Design

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Technology, Nature Seen Affecting Color in Kitchen and
Bath Design

Wilmington, DE Kitchen and bath designers looking for an edge when
utilizing color for remodeling projects could find themselves
relying for the foreseeable future on a skillful blending of nature
and technology.

That’s the view of leading colorists and design specialists at
DuPont Corian, which relied heavily on the input of well-known
color experts Peclers Paris in the recent introduction of 12 new
colors for 2000.

Peclers, widely considered the world’s leading styling agency and
consultant, annually sifts through a mass of images and information
in order to uncover the harbingers of change in society, and then
forecasts upcoming color trends that will play a key role in home

Based on Peclers’ findings for 2000, there are four key color
trends now shaping the use of color in the home, DuPont says. They

  • First light: This represents a heightened appreciation for
    “things simple and genuine in our lives,” said Gin Guei Ebnesajjad,
    director of style and color development for DuPont Corian.
    “Now nature is not only being celebrated, but elevated and refined
    to a new level,” Ebnesajjad said. “Colors become more subtle and
    delicate, as if illuminated by the first light of morning. Soft,
    luminous and minimalistic textures create havens for contemplation
    and meditation. Whites are toned down with slight traces of color.
    Materials become the product of man living in harmony with
  • Glints: This trend expresses an appreciation for the qualities
    of light in our cities, according to Ebnesajjad.
    “Colors become more urban and reflect the glitter and excitement of
    city lights and the accelerated pace of technology,” Ebnesajjad
    says. “Interiors and exteriors merge in a play of light and
    reflection. Rough textures create dramatic contrasts with smooth
    and shiny surfaces. Neutrals are combinations of metallics and
    mineral elements, freshened by touches of white. The cold,
    ‘high-tech’ grays of the past are enriched with subtle color, and
    become more approachable.”
  • Spontaneity: This trend has evolved from an awareness that
    different cultures have similar characteristics, and that “we’re in
    a new age where each day is full of surprises,” says
    “Interior shapes and colors are energetic. Spaces magically
    deconstruct and reconstruct as shape and color test perceptions.
    Intangible, diffused light seems to radiate from within materials.
    Pastels are reinvented as delicious colors that leave us desiring
  • Primal Pleasures: This final major color trend for 2000 “leads
    us to new awakening of sensuality and self-assurance we’re
    confident with ourselves and our interiors demonstrate this,”
    Ebnesajjad observes.
    “Asian minimalist mixes with Western chic. Primitive surfaces
    combine easily with polished leathers, exotic woods and shimmering
    “A fusion of these elements and cultures invites us to enjoy and
    celebrate the senses.”

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