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by Kacey Larsen

While there is no denying the place of a tape measure in a toolbox, many of today’s laser measure tools are vying for space as well. A number of them incorporate Bluetooth functionality that makes the collected measurements easily accessible for use in a variety of formats. Plus, the accuracy—not to mention reduced human reading error—makes laser measuring devices perhaps even more appealing.

Read on for a roundup of laser measuring tools that feature Bluetooth and other connectivity options.


Keeping user experience in mind, the Bosch GLM 50 C Bluetooth Laser Measure features a backlit color display with large numbers and full-word function descriptions to ensure measurements captured are easily readable and its use is intuitive. The full-feature laser measure with easy-to-use keypad can toggle between length, area, volume, three indirect measurement modes and other functions. A built-in inclinator can determine the angle of pitch, minimum/maximum, stake out and double indirect; a stake out measurement can pinpoint recurring marks along a line, such as every 6 inches. With a range of 165 feet and an accuracy of +/- 1⁄16 of an inch, the Bosch GLM 50 C’s square shape ensures the unit can measure in any direction from a flat surface. Like all the company’s laser measures, the default real-time measurement can show how measurements move in relation to a target.

An extension of the consideration toward user experience is the tool’s Bluetooth functionality, allowing measurements to be digitally transferred to a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the laser measure connects to the Bosch MeasureOn app to create floor plans, photos and notes. Visit for more information on the Bosch GLM 50 C.


To support a broad range of leveling and layout applications, the DeWalt Laser Distance Measurer (LDM) line can size-up projects with ranges up to 330 feet. One of the recent additions to the lineup is the DeWalt Bluetooth Enabled 100-Foot Laser Distance Measurer (DW099S). The laser distance measurer can find distance from a target as well as distance, area and volume in feet, inches and meters. It can provide historical measurement for reference to the last three measurements. Additionally, its functions include performing simple addition and subtraction, and the laser measurer lists its accuracy as  +/- 3⁄32 of an inch.

The 100-Foot Laser Distance Measurer’s 1-½-inch black backlit, high-contrast LCD screen remains readable in various lighting conditions and displays continuous measurement tracking. The tool connects via Bluetooth to store measurements, mark up photos and be able to save both on the DeWalt Tool Connect app. Data from the Tool Connect mobile app automatically updates in an Inventory Manager port—part of the Tool Connect inventory management solution—to give real-time information back to the home base.

Also recently introduced are the DeWalt 65-Foot Laser Distance Measurer (DW065E) and DeWalt 30-Foot Pocket Laser Distance Measurer (DW030PL. Visit for more information on DeWalt’s LDM line.


Aiming to eliminate the need for multiple devices—including paper and pencil—the Hilti laser range meter PD-CS measures distances to 656 feet with an accuracy of +/- 1 millimeter. An integrated laser module captures and saves measurement data directly onto photographs taken by its internal digital camera, helping add context to stored data with pictures and/or text. Using an Android-based technology, the Hilti PD-CS has a color touch screen that is usable even while wearing work gloves, and it includes 8 GB of memory that can store more than 6,000 measurements with photos.

Its two 5 MP cameras with zooming capabilities help locate a target outdoors or at long distances. Direct and indirect measurements can be taken, area and volume can be calculated, and notes can be added to measurements and photos. Measurements can then be exported in a single PDF report or spreadsheet from the Hilti PD-CS using Bluetooth, a Cloud App over a Wi-Fi connection or a Micro USB connection. Its integrated lithium-ion battery provides 10 hours of battery life.

Additionally, the Hilti laser ranger meter PD-CS is covered by the company’s Tool Warranty 20/2/1. Visit for more information on the Hilti PD-CD. |

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