The face of Washington has changed. Will this impact the EPA RRP rule?

by WOHe

With the shift in the power in the House of Representatives and neutralizing of the Democrat super majority in the Senate, remodelers and renovators are wondering (again) if there’s relief from RRP. The simple answer is “no”.

The rule was born in Title X passed by Congress under Bill Clinton in 1998. The roadmap to RRP for renovation was laid out then, and has progressed, on schedule, through three administrations unimpeded, or slowed. Folks, it’s in the hands of the EPA and the EPA makes law by regulation, and they do it without the need of congress – regardless of who’s in charge there.

Add to this that the “cash for clunkers” supposedly will create jobs, and Homestar will help “lower our dependence on foreign oil”, and continuation of the tax credit for energy improvements are all goals no one would argue with (either party), there should be no end to what we have begun – maybe a small time glitch while everyone gets comfortable. However, like everything else thrown in the path of RRP. It will not matter because it’s the EPA, not the congress.

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