The joys of a recession; adapting to survive

by WOHe

By now you’ve either adapted to the recession or you’re out of business. All of us, myself included, have had to adjust to doing more with less. Doing more work with less staff. Capturing more leads with fewer funds. Staying in business with fewer clients.

Touring the country on a weekly basis for the past several months, I’ve talked to hundreds of builders, architects, designers and remodelers. The common trait among all of you is doing business NOT as usual. Most of you have conducted layoffs, and many of you are doing work you haven’t done in years, if not decades. Some of you are doing things you never thought you’d do in your career (but we won’t talk about that).

These are things we must do to survive. In times of famine it’s those who adapt that survive.

At Residential Design & Build magazine, I’ve had to work harder than ever. There isn’t enough time in the work day anymore to get everything done. Therefore, some things don’t get done. I work at home a lot more these days, at night, on weekends. Budgets aren’t the same as they were a few years ago, so we’ve had to prioritize items on our to-do list. I’m helping out in areas that aren’t exactly in my job description. But we all are doing these things. It’s what we must do to survive.

How are you adapting?

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