Given their brief tenure in the remodeling industry, it is easy to conclude that Jeremy Jackson and Brandon LeRoy of Jackson & LeRoy Remodeling in Salt Lake City are experiencing a bit of beginner’s luck. While most remodelers are scaling back operations and re-tooling their businesses, Jackson and LeRoy have continued to pull in a string of high-end whole-house projects in the neighborhood of $500,000 each. And while they acknowledge their good fortune, their success has more to do with hard work than luck.

First, both have been rooted in the industry much longer than their 5-year-old company suggests. Beginning about 12 years ago, while Jackson and LeRoy were classmates at Brigham Young University, they began discussing the possibility of someday working together in the construction industry. Both were pursuing degrees in construction management and both had been exposed to and were favorably impressed with residential remodeling. As a student, Jackson worked for a remodeling company and enjoyed the experience. LeRoy was born into the business. His father has 50 years’ experience in the business as a commercial and luxury residential builder.

“We are a company with extensive and diverse experience,” explains Brandon LeRoy. “And we take a very professional approach. Each project gets a full-time, on-site project superintendent with the proper experience and qualifications to handle large projects. Every superintendent is supported by a project manager who is responsible for all subcontracts, job financial management and contract administration.”

Partner Jeremy Jackson agrees and adds that remodeling requires an extra emphasis on personal qualities that build confidence with customers. “We are honest guys who are upfront with our clients. We want to treat them the way they want to be treated. I think it is just the basics. There is no gimmick. We are not doing anything special.”


What also separates these two relatively youthful remodelers from their counterparts is their mature approach to commitments at the industry and community levels. This year LeRoy stepped up to serve as chairman of the Salt Lake Builders Association Remodelers Council. And while it is quite a commitment of time for those who have built their company to the level where they can take time away from the business, it is all the more impressive coming from a person who is immersed in the issues that confront a growing company. Last year the council boosted its education offerings to the industry and was involved in a major community project. The first involved disassembling a historic log homestead, transporting it and installing it in a local park. This year the council is remodeling four rooms in their local Ronald McDonald House.

LeRoy and Jackson also seem to be under no illusion as to the complexity of the business issues they currently face, all relating to growth. To that end, they hired one of their competitors to come and join the company as a superintendent, and they became a part of the peer roundtable group, Remodelers Advantage. They have also hired consultant Judith Miller to assist them in quickly developing the systems and processes they will need in the weeks and months ahead.

“We are systematizing things so they run more smoothly and can be more automatic as opposed to having us have to push the ship,” says Jackson.”

Fast Facts About Jeremy Jackson and Brandon LeRoy

  • Company: Jackson & LeRoy
  • Location: Salt Lake City
  • Years in business: 5
  • 2009 remodeling revenue: $4,052,000 on nine completed projects
  • Project focus: Large, whole-house remodeling projects
  • Background: Formed company in August 2004. Both Jackson and LeRoy have construction management degrees from Brigham Young University.
  • Industry involvement: Brandon LeRoy is 2010 Chairman of the Salt Lake Builders Association Remodelers Council.

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