Tips Given to Avoid Staff ‘Peaking’

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Tips Given to Avoid Staff ‘Peaking’

Keeping your sales staff from “peaking” or beginning to falter
just when they’re on top of their game should be a prime goal of
sales managers in the kitchen and bath industry.

That’s the view of John Graham, the president of Graham
Communications, a marketing services and sales consulting firm,
which recently offered a series of sales management tips to members
of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

According to Graham, it’s impossible for kitchen/bath sales
professionals “to be up all the time, and performing at maximum
efficiency and effectiveness.” He explains that “peaking” often
occurs over the course of the typical sales professional’s career
but “while it’s common, it isn’t inevitable.”

With the appropriate amount of coaching and training, sales
managers can generally minimize the effects of peaking and related
productivity slowdowns.

Graham offered NKBA members the following tips as ways to
confront peaking:

  • Provide a constant flow of quality leads as a top management
  • Give experienced salespeople opportunities to mentor newer
    salespeople. However, don’t necessarily make an experienced
    salesperson a sales manager.
  • Provide the opportunity for personalized coaching on issues
    that are important for the salesperson’s continued growth.
  • Allow successful salespeople to serve in an advisory role to
  • Establish a means for recognition of sales achievements. “It
    seems so obvious,” says Graham, “but it is often forgotten.”

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