Tips Offered For Boosting Employees’ Morale

by WOHe

Tips Offered For Boosting Employees’ Morale

As a popular ad says, did you ever get the feeling that people
have just stopped trying?
As an employer and/or manager, nothing can be more infuriating than
watching lackadaisical employees lallygag their way through another
ho-hum day.

Want to give your company a spark? Here are some tips:
Often the real cause of demotivation is that your employees are not
entirely sure what is expected of them. This goes beyond job
descriptions; your employees also need to get some idea of your
company’s overall finances, its expenses and revenue, and how each
employee fits in the picture. This makes your pay structure seem
less arbitrary, and informs employees how they can improve the
company’s financial health for their own reward. Conduct
informative update meetings regularly, so that employees can see
how their contributions change the picture. Consider instituting a
profit sharing plan with either quarterly bonus payouts, or a
deferred payout as part of a retirement package.

Find out what your employees expect in one-to-one conversations.
“More money” is only part of the story. Some employee stimulators
might include schedules that are more flexible, certain medical
benefits, or more privacy in the workplace. Ask what’s behind each
motivating factor. A worker who says he wants more reward may well
mean that he wants more money, but he may also mean that he simply
wants more recognition.

Make employees feel that they are valuable. There is nothing
like the perception that you do not care to make employees cease
caring about how their job is done. Things quickly become just
“good enough” when an employee feels that he or she is just another
brick in the wall. Consider establishing a lunchroom so workers can
get away from their desks, relax and unwind. Watch out for overly
tired workers. Make sure vacations and days off are taken when they
are allowed. Send ailing workers back home with paid sick days.
Finally, give workers who do extra a bonus more time
a gift certificate, or even a small cash reward.

Use a team approach and let workers police themselves. For
instance, if your installers are told that their efficiency and
thrift contribute to their compensation, they will make sure no one
on the crew goofs off. Establish a sales contest but make the
entire sales staff work toward a joint target rather than pitting
individual against individual. When an employee knows that his or
her success increases success for everyone, that becomes a powerful

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