Tips Offered For Improving Trade Show Displays’ Appeal

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Tips Offered For Improving Trade Show Displays’

At major national trade shows like the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show
(K/BIS), innovative displays help manufacturers draw potential
customers to their booths to see their latest products. By taking a
tip or two from the trade show floor, kitchen and bath retailers
can learn how to showcase their products more effectively.

What follows are some design ideas and suggestions that leading
manufacturers use at trade shows to get their products

  • Accessorize. A few well-chosen accessories can bring new life
    to product displays and help consumers visualize what the product
    will look like in their own homes. Any number of items can make
    your kitchen and bath displays more authentic including artwork,
    decorative mirrors, floral arrangements, lamps, small pieces of
    furniture, colorful place mats, towels or draperies. Even a
    bath-robe hanging on a hook can give your showroom a “homier”
  • Use Color to Attract. Today’s homes are getting more colorful
    by the minute. That’s a trend which is not lost on manufacturers in
    the kitchen and bath industry, who are incorporating color into
    many new products. Consider adding new products like a colored
    glass vessel sink to your showroom. Even if the consumer doesn’t
    purchase the item, it becomes a wonderful conversation starter and
    lets the consumer know that you’re up on the latest trends.
  • Get Some Space. Use the appropriate amount of space to showcase
    each product in your showroom. Less is more, especially in the
    kitchen and bath. Overcrowding is unattractive and confuses the
  • Know Your Audience. Most kitchen and bath showroom owners are
    savvy when it comes to knowing what their market can and cannot
    support. For instance, a streamlined, Euro-styled faucet may not
    play as well in, say, Georgia as it might in Manhattan, so
    highlight the products that work best in your market. Keep in mind
    that 85% of consumers prefer traditional over contemporary
  • Set the Scene. Just like a director dictates what props and
    characters will be on set, manufacturers today are creating trade
    show booths that look like a real kitchen or bath, complete with
    running water and working showers. Lifestyle displays are an
    effective tool for retailers because they encourage consumers to
    think beyond just a basic faucet or cabinet upgrade toward a
    complete remodel.
  • Update the Showroom. The kitchen and bath industry is an
    ongoing fashion show, with a stream of constantly changing trends
    and product styles. You don’t need to jump on every new trend, but
    it is important to make sure you are using current beauty shots
    provided by manufacturers to showcase their products.
    You should also think about sprucing up your showroom with a fresh
    coat of paint. In addition, proper lighting is critical to
    highlight your products. Consider installing track or under-counter
    lighting if you haven’t done so already.
    Finally, if you have the available resources, it never hurts to
    hire a professional to give you some design suggestions.
    At no time has there been a better time to be in the kitchen and
    bath industry. This year alone, there will billions of dollars
    spent on home improvement, and more than a million new homes will
    be constructed. With a little creativity, you can turn your
    showroom into a designer showplace.

    The article above was written exclusively for Kitchen & Bath
    Design News by Linda Kirby, creative director of Masco Design
    Solutions, and John Roach, display and merchandising manager for
    the Masco-owned Delta Faucet

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