Tips Provided For Complaints

by WOHe

Tips Provided For Complaints

Every kitchen and bath project involves complaints or, at least,
the potential for complaints. What follows is a checklist of ways
to handle complaints:

  • Don’t make the complaint worse. Do not descend to the personal
    level yourself. Remember, it’s only business. Try to avoid getting
  • Thank the person for bringing the problem to your attention.
    Even if the complaint is being screamed at you, keep your half of
    the conversation unemotional and pleasant.
  • Say, “Let me make sure I understand the problem.” Then restate
    what the customer has said in unemotional terms, slowly and in
    detail. This gives the person you’re arguing with a chance to catch
    his breath and calm down. It also shows that you’ve been listening
    and are taking the problem seriously.
  • Find at least one thing in his side of the argument with which
    you can agree. Build your rebuttal on that point. “Yes, the
    cabinets did arrive three days late. I will speak to the supplier
    about that. However, this is the door style and finish you
    selected.” By conceding a point right away, you’re showing that
    you’re responding rationally, rather than emotionally, to the
  • Solve the problem. Often, a customer’s complaint turns out to
    center on a problem that can easily be solved, and his heated
    argument is really about his fear that the job is out of his
    control. If you can solve the problem, you’ll score big points with
    the customer.
  • Don’t cite policy as a reason for doing nothing about the
    complaint. Nothing infuriates an already peeved customer more than
    an absolute “I can’t” statement. Don’t say, “That’s the color you
    chose. I’m not going to change it now. That’s our policy.” Say

“I don’t want a customer who is not satisfied, even though our
policy is that changes must be paid for. What do you think would be
Of course, you need to accept that there are people who are chronic
complainers. However, most customers do not want anything other
than a fair deal.

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