TOP 500 LIVE 2017 Expert Panel

by Emily Blackburn

A CEO expert panel comprised of industry leaders spoke to our audience in 2017 about their successes as leaders in the industry, and where they feel the industry is trending. They answer questions such as how much do top home improvement firms spend on marketing? What is the No. 1 quality they look for in a sales person? What is the best way to grow leads? and more.

• Brian Elias, CEO and Founder of 1-800-HANSONS;
• Ed Fennel, CEO of Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing;
• Earl Rahn, President and Co-Founder of NewSouth Windows;
• Adam Kaliner, founder of Power Home Remodeling; and
• Bill Barr, CEO and Co-Founder, Universal Windows Direct

Register for this year’s Top 500 LIVE HERE.

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