The volume of siding available to remodelers and home improvement contractors is vast and growing—too broad for most home pros to stay 100 percent up to date. What follows, then, is a summary of recent introductions by major manufacturers over the past 18 months with the added goal offering an updated market framework complete with ideas for your next job.

Before discussing the leading brands and their new products, it’s important to make note of the various market forces that are shaping the overall siding market.

At the very high end of the market, remodelers are increasingly involved in projects that involve complex exterior wall systems. The growing complexity of wall systems is driven by a desire for increased energy efficiency, which leads to more durable buildings and more comfortable interior spaces, even in extreme cold, extreme heat or in coastal areas.

As a result, we’ve seen growth in the number of weather-resistant barriers (WRBs) that are part of more complicated wall systems. There are also a growing number of drainage materials underneath siding that help keep homes dry and durable for decades.

These new WRBs and rainscreens have opened up the number of cladding choices as well as new combinations of cladding choices now available to architects and designers to present to their clients. Good examples are open-joint cladding using various materials including composite decking; masonry stone veneer products; large-format, architectural, fiber-cement boards; and many others.

Another driver at the high end of the market is the need to replicate popular traditional exterior styles for American homes. These are colonial, Cape Cod, craftsman and others. Architects and their clients often want to achieve these traditional looks very authentically with the same shadow lines.

Alside ASCEND composite siding is shown here in a farmhouse style exterior with stone and shutters.

But they would rather not opt for utilizing original substrates like cedar that are expensive to buy and maintain. Many of today’s siding brands go a long way to achieving these traditional styles using vinyl, composite and engineered wood solutions.

For home improvement and replacement contractors who are focused on residential products there are a number of key factors—beyond performance, pattern, color and design—that drive the decision-making on siding purchases.

Among those factors are ease of installation, ease of product ordering and delivery, and the level of support offered by the manufacturer through dealer programs. These supports include rebates, website content, leads for new business and more.

Better performance and bolder designs is the overarching theme of the new siding products that Qualified Remodeler editors are seeing on the market today. That’s why it’s so important to offer an overview of the building product manufacturers. Again, this is not a comprehensive list.

We encourage you to check out our online product portal at for players who have been left off this list for space reasons. Tando is a good example of a siding firm that is growing a quality offering beginning with its Beach House Shake.

Many siding manufacturers bring numerous brands to market. Westlake Royal is parent company to several stand-alone siding brands, each with their own unique set of products and covering a range of materials from vinyl to nailable poly-ash. Cornerstone Building Products is similar.

It, too, has several stand-alone brands, each with their own new colors, patterns and sizes. Those brands, from PlyGem to Mastic, are better known to many of you than that parent company because many have been on the market for many years, pre-dating the larger company.

CertainTeed, Georgia Pacific and Alside are loosely equivalent, offering many product types and brand choices. Other firms such as Tando, Azek, James Hardie and Louisiana Pacific focus on fewer product types but have innovated in finishes, sizes, patterns and colors.


ASCEND Composite Cladding: This product combines aesthetic appeal with performance and ease of installation, making it a good upgrade option for contractors who have worked with Alside for many years. It’s also a good option for contractors who have not worked with Alside in the past but are looking for more designed exterior for their clients.

Insulated Vinyl Siding: Alside’s insulated siding offers improved home insulation and supports effective energy management by keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This is an important offering given the overall trend on the part of consumers who seek greater energy efficiency and authentic alternatives to wood siding.

Prodigy One-Piece Insulated Siding System: Highlighted for its thick insulation, this system provides significant resistance to heat flow, helping to reduce energy costs. It features an interlocking panel design for a secure fit and aesthetic appeal without the need for face nailing or caulking.


TimberTech from Azek, primarily a decking brand, also offers siding solutions. Similar to their decking offerings, their siding options focus on high-performance, low-maintenance materials that mimic the look of wood without the typical upkeep. They offer closed-joint and open-joint cladding options, which provide different aesthetic appeals and practical benefits such as moisture and damage resistance​.

These products are PVC material and resist to various environmental factors like mold, mildew and moisture. TimberTech cladding offers realistic color blends and woodgrain textures​.


CertainTeed has introduced several new products and updates to their siding collection over the last couple of years.

Urban Reserve: This is a metal siding collection designed for both protection and aesthetics. It’s highly durable, being made from high tensile strength aluminum that is resistant to extreme weather conditions, UV exposure and fire. It also offers a variety of matching accessories for a cohesive look.

Monogram Vinyl Siding: The Monogram line continues to offer robust options with its clapboard and Dutch-lap styles, known for their durability and low-maintenance requirements. It features a patented locking system for secure installation and has been tested to withstand high wind pressures.

New colors: CertainTeed has expanded its color offerings across various product lines. The Monogram and MainStreet vinyl sidings have new colors like Melrose, Brownstone, Castle Stone, Sable Brown and Pacific Blue. There are also additions in the Cedar Impressions and Northwoods lines, such as Colonial White, Sandstone Beige and Desert Tan.


Georgia-Pacific manufactures a variety of vinyl siding products under brands like Shadow Ridge, Compass and Forest Ridge, which are popular for their affordability and ease of maintenance.

Shadow Ridge: This is Georgia-Pacific’s flagship vinyl siding product, designed to offer a classic woodgrain look with the durability and low maintenance of vinyl. It is available in a range of colors and has been a popular choice for homeowners looking for an economical siding solution.

Compass: This line features 29 colors and is available in traditional lap siding as well as Dutch Lap styles. It is designed for durability and to withstand various environmental elements.

Vision Pro: A budget-friendly vinyl siding option that still offers good quality and a variety of color choices. It is easy to install and maintain, making it a practical choice for many homeowners.

Caliber: This is a high-performance insulated siding that not only improves the aesthetic of the home but also enhances its energy efficiency.

Plytanium Plywood Siding: Although not vinyl, this product is a traditional wood siding option offered by Georgia-Pacific, featuring the natural beauty and warmth of real wood with a rustic finish.

James Hardie

James Hardie is the leading manufacturer of fiber-cement siding, and it markets these products primarily under its own name, James Hardie. Within this brand, James Hardie offers various product lines that cater to different needs and aesthetic preferences. Here are some of the key product lines.

HardiePlank Lap Siding: This is James Hardie’s best-selling product, known for its strength, beauty and durability. It’s available in a variety of textures and finishes.

HardiePanel Vertical Siding: Offers a modern and unique look with the same durability and low maintenance as other James Hardie products. It’s suitable for contemporary designs.

HardieShingle Siding: Provides the same warm, authentic look as cedar shingles, but resists rotting, cracking, and splitting.

HardieTrim Boards: Used for trimming around windows, doors and other finishes, these boards provide a perfect finish to any James Hardie siding job.

HardieSoffit Panels: These are used for finishing the underside of eaves and include both vented and non-vented options.

Cornerstone Building Brands

Cornerstone Building Brands manufactures and distributes a wide range of siding products through various brands under its umbrella. Here’s a look at some of their key siding brands and the types of products they offer.

Ply Gem: One of the most prominent brands under Cornerstone Building Brands, Ply Gem offers a comprehensive range of vinyl siding options. This includes multiple styles such as traditional lap siding, Dutch lap, and vertical siding. Ply Gem also offers steel siding for enhanced durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Mastic by Ply Gem: This brand is known for its premium vinyl siding products that offer durability, a broad color palette, and various styles. Mastic siding products are designed for easy maintenance and long-lasting performance.

Variform by Ply Gem: Variform siding is designed for both its aesthetic appeal and durability. It includes a variety of vinyl siding options that are popular among builders and contractors for their reliability and ease of installation.

Napco by Ply Gem: Napco offers vinyl siding that combines beauty, durability, and simple upkeep. Their products are designed to provide a great value with a wide range of options to suit different design preferences and budgets.

Kleer Lumber: Kleer offers PVC trim and architectural moldings which can complement a siding project but are primarily focused on providing premium, moisture-resistant trim that can be used with a variety of siding materials.

LP Building Solutions

Louisiana Pacific LP SmartSide engineered wood siding has expanded into finished colors. The ExpertFinish color collection offers 16 factory finishes in latex paint.

LP (Louisiana Pacific) offers a variety of siding products under the LP SmartSide brand, which is known for its durability and innovative engineered wood technology. Here’s a rundown of the main siding solutions they provide.

SmartSide Trim & Siding: This comprehensive line includes a range of engineered wood lap siding, panel siding, shake siding, and trim boards. It’s designed for durability and versatility with a traditional wood appearance, benefiting from LP’s SmartGuard process which provides resistance against termites and fungal decay.

SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding: This line features prefinished siding and trim products that come in a variety of colors. The ExpertFinish color collection is highly resistant to fading and includes a proprietary joint that helps minimize seam visibility on the installed product.

Vertical Siding: Offers a different aesthetic with the same durability and protection as other LP SmartSide products, providing a board and batten look that is popular in both traditional and contemporary home designs.

Cedar Texture Shake Siding: Provides the authentic look of real cedar shakes without the high maintenance, ideal for accentuating gables or other architectural features of a home.

Perfection Shingle: This product mimics the look of individual shingles, offering a more refined and elegant appearance, perfect for achieving a distinct look or enhancing curb appeal.


ProVia offers a number of siding solutions: vinyl, insulated vinyl and composite shakes and shingles.

ProVia offers several siding options that focus on durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

HeartTech by ProVia: HeartTech is ProVia’s super polymer siding line that’s engineered for superior durability. It’s known for its wide color selection and comprehensive warranty. This brand is frequently chosen for its high performance in resisting harsh weather conditions.

CedarMAX Insulated Vinyl Siding: An insulated vinyl siding product, CedarMAX offers thermal protection and increased energy efficiency, which can help reduce heating and cooling costs. Its design also includes a rigid foam backing that contributes to better durability and impact resistance.

Ultra Vinyl Siding: This line is noted for its strength and ability to withstand the elements, making it a solid choice for homeowners looking for long-lasting protection with minimal maintenance.

Endure Vinyl Siding: ProVia’s Endure vinyl siding provides performance and an attractive appearance. It features a high-grade vinyl that resists fading and weathering, ensuring that the siding remains vibrant and durable for years.

Timberbay Shakes & Scallops: These are specialty sidings that mimic the natural appearance of cedar shakes and scallops but are made from vinyl for greater durability and less maintenance. This product is often used for accent areas on the home’s exterior to enhance curb appeal.

Cedar Peaks: Another super polymer siding option from ProVia, Cedar Peaks is known for its exceptional color retention and resistance to weather impacts, ensuring a long-lasting attractive finish.

Westlake Royal Building Products

Westlake Royal is home to several siding brands, including its unique and solid Celect product line, which is extruded from fly-ash.

Westlake Royal offers a diverse range of siding brands and products designed to suit various architectural styles and performance needs. Here’s a breakdown of some of their primary siding brands and the products they offer.

TruExterior Siding & Trim: Known for its innovation in poly-ash material, TruExterior offers a variety of trim and siding profiles, including lap siding, shiplap, and trim boards. This line is celebrated for its authenticity and durability, with resistance to moisture and decay without the need for sealing on cut edges.

Celect Cellular Composite Siding: Celect is a premium cellular composite siding that mimics the natural appearance of wood but offers greater durability and low maintenance. It features an interlocking joint system that helps eliminate seams and provide a smooth, continuous look.

The board-and-batten profile from Westlake Royal is shown here.

Royal Vinyl Siding: Offering a wide range of vinyl siding products, Royal Vinyl Siding features traditional lap siding, vertical siding, and shakes and shingles. This line is favored for its cost-effectiveness and extensive color and style options.

Zuri Premium Decking: While primarily a decking product, Zuri can be used for architectural details and features that complement siding installations. It offers the appearance of exotic wood without the maintenance typically associated with it.

Exterior Portfolio: This brand includes various types of vinyl siding, such as CraneBoard (a foam-backed insulated siding), Board & Batten, and traditional lap siding. It offers a balance of performance and aesthetic appeal.

Foundry Specialty Siding: Specializes in providing vinyl shingle and shake siding that offers the charm of traditional wood siding with the low maintenance of vinyl. QR

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