Trim-Tex, Lincolnwood, Ill.


Light Commercial less than 5,000 sq. ft. | Gold

Project name: Guitar Conference Room

Location: Lincolnwood, Ill.

Square footage: 450

Cost: $10,000

Remodeling a 15-year-old conference room within its existing footprint involved making a functional space that showcased a large collection of music memorabilia. One eye-catching element is the guitar in the ceiling, which is created with curved framing and bent drywall. The edges of the guitar were painted in a gradient from black to blue. When the LED lighting hits the guitar ceiling this gradient makes the guitar appear as though it is 3-D. Other design elements in the room include a reveal wall that mimics a musical bar staff and a reveal wall on the room’s exterior that replicates a fretboard. Lighting was a challenge because it needed to showcase the memorabilia but also be conducive to an office environment. A stepped soffit creates a lower layer of small can lights to illuminate the memorabilia and an upper level of large can lights illuminate the conference table.

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