Try Community Service As a Tool

by WOHe

Try Community Service As a Tool

It isn’t as easy to reach consumers as it used to be.
Telemarketing runs into opposition (a recent survey by Pitney Bowes
says 63% of U.S. households now either screen their calls to
eliminate telemarketers or simply hang up) frequently. But, while
72% of consumers say they prefer direct mail to telemarketing, 71%
ignore or throw out direct mail.

So what’s the best investment for your advertising/marketing
dollar? Try community service which upscale active community
leaders are drawn to voluntarily.

Habitat for Humanity (, for example, is
a non-profit, non-denominational Christian housing organization
which builds affordable houses in partnership with those in need of
shelter. Both homeowners and volunteers build the houses under
trained supervision while corporations, faith groups and others
offer financial support.

Volunteers also tend to be upscale community leaders who are not
construction professionals and can benefit from your expertise.
This is also a chance to show off your knowledge directly to an
audience that’s considering homeownership. 

Another way to serve the community is by supporting the arts.
Your local symphony orchestra, theater group, and architectural
landmark committee are all headed and comprised of the key players
in your community’s carriage trade. These are the opinion-shapers
and leaders that kitchen/ bath design professionals most want to

Looking for a less affluent active market for mid-price designs
and products? Local professional and semi-professional sports
teams, church groups, zoos, PTAs, and other charitable
organizations attract the efforts of prosperous middle-class
volunteers and would gain from your efforts.

Many municipalities allow companies and groups to “buy” a
stretch of highway or thoroughfare in return for clean-up

That’s free advertising, and on stretches that back up in heavy
traffic, a captive audience.

These venues can establish your company with the community and
its citizens. More importantly, it can be the edge you need to hold
your own against national retail chains with larger advertising

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