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by Emily Blackburn

Eden Prairie, Minn.
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 97%
GQ 2022 Recommend Rate:
Number of Jobs in 2022:
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Home improvement/Replacement
Kristen Stamman, Terry  Stamman

QR: Your team was able to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction during the pandemic, a time of greater scrutiny because clients were at home more. There were also supply-chain delays. What measures did your firm take to maintain client satisfaction?

Honestly, we didn’t really do anything different in the COVID era. Proper two-way communication has always been the key to our company’s high customer satisfaction rating, and this foundation of communication was even more important during the pandemic when people were, indeed, home more often.

Proper expectation setting and daily communication with homeowners have always been our path to success. We simply spent even more time during the pandemic doing the things that were already at the core of how we operate.

For example, when windows went from a two week lead time to a four to six month lead time, it surprised and shocked us all. We were quick to set expectations with our homeowners and gave regular updates on timing. With expectations set and constant communication, everybody understood it to be the new normal for that time period.

We purposely hire employees who are patient, understanding, and able to relate to our homeowner clients. This has enabled us to consistently achieve high customer satisfaction ratings, regardless of our company size or external forces over which we have no control.

QR: Firms with happier employees have higher levels of customer satisfaction. What are the top ways you are able to keep your employees happy and satisfied?

Our employees are very happy. We have approximately 15 people in management positions, and with the exception of one, they have all been with us between 11-20 years. We feel that our employees happiness is predicated upon two things – having their voices heard and having a direct impact regarding the direction of our company, and knowing that the ownership team cares about them as people, not just employees.

QR:Purpose driven” companies, those that exist to effect change or take action on something bigger than their products or services, attract a younger, higher skilled employees who tend to be more engaged workers. Some firms connect their “purpose” to a written mission statement. Do you operate a purpose-driven organization? And in what ways does your firm extend itself to outside causes.

We absolutely operate a purpose-driven company. Our company is much more than just a exterior remodeling contractor, and we are very passionate about what we do. Our mission statement and core values statement are our guiding principles. They are copied here:

Our Mission

Our company was created with one goal in mind: enhancing our customers’ lives by providing the highest quality building materials installed by highly skilled, professionally trained crafts people, delivered at the highest level of customer service. Our whole reason for being rests on the ability to ensure 100 percent satisfaction for our customers. Customer focused…employee driven. That’s what we’re all about.

Our company also aims to improve the lives of our employees through financial and personal growth opportunities and by managing a growing, stable, long-term company that affords opportunities for advancement.

Core Values: A Foundation of Trust

We are proud to have built our company on a strong foundation of trust through a commitment to excellence. A company without its customers is nothing. We recognize that and seek to strengthen relationships with our clientele first and foremost. Quite simply, we dedicate our work to making sure you’re happy with the end result. That’s why we keep you in the loop every step of the way and use the best possible materials for your project.

We live by these core values:
• Do first rate quality work and stand behind it – consistently satisfy customers.
• Treat others as you would want to be treated – do the right thing.
• Provide growth and leadership opportunities for employees and reward them for outstanding
• Be a leader in our industry.
• Be fair and honest – always work with integrity
• Seek continual improvement.
• Be consistently profitable in order to sustain the future growth of our company.

By definition, core values are the guiding tenets of a company. They are important, to be sure, but they are also timeless, enduring, and definitive. Our core values support our company’s vision, shaping our culture and reflecting our identify. We hold the above principles in high esteem, and hope we show you our dedication to them in every interaction.

From industry leadership to fair and honest work, our team works as a unit to engage with our customers in meaningful ways so that they come back to us time and time again. Gaining your trust is of paramount importance. Earning it every day is equally key. Block by block, we build a foundation of strength so you can choose us with confidence every time you have a home improvement need.

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