Two Storey Building

by Emily Blackburn

Bolton, Mass.
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 99%
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Doug Storey

QR: Your team was able to achieve high rates of customer satisfaction during the pandemic, a time of greater scrutiny because clients were at home more. There were also supply-chain delays. What measures did your firm take to maintain client satisfaction?

First we created a very detailed Covid 19 Best Practices set of procedures and set it to all of our existing and potential customers.  This made them aware that we were serious about the pandemic and would use extreme care and professional practices to be safe in their homes and only bring healthy workers to their homes.  we asked for permission to come into any home and gave everyone the opportunity to tell us how they wanted to proceed.  We also learned and became vigorous in our use of digital meeting we worked quite well.

QR: Firms with happier employees have higher levels of customer satisfaction. What are the top ways you are able to keep your employees happy and satisfied?

Our employees are very happy.  Several have been with us for more than 20 years.  we work very hard to have happy satisfied employees..  We offer flexible work schedules, each field employee has a company van full of tools, we offer great vacation, healthcare and profit sharing benefits.  We have a 401k plan and match contributions and offer profit sharing contributions at year end.  We give paid time off for personal issues.  We encourage involvement, ask for ideas for improvement and give our employees ownership of their projects and accolades for their successful completion of projects.

QR:Purpose driven” companies, those that exist to effect change or take action on something bigger than their products or services, attract a younger, higher skilled employees who tend to be more engaged workers. Some firms connect their “purpose” to a written mission statement. Do you operate a purpose-driven organization? And in what ways does your firm extend itself to outside causes.

Yes we are purpose driven.  We seek to improve our customers homes in every way but we also seek to improve the communities we live and work in.  each year we have a community project that we all work on together as a donation to the community.  We also seek to build healthy sustainable homes and live what we preach in terms if the kinds of projects we get involved with and materials and systems we install.

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