VanWeelden Co.

by Emily Blackburn
 Brad VanWeelden

Des Moines, Iowa
GQ All-time Recommend Rate: 100%
GQ 2021 Recommend Rate: 100%
Number of Jobs in 2021: 500
Type of Firm: Home improvement/Replacement
CEO: Brad VanWeelden

Business technology and business software are offering new ways for remodelers and home improvement professionals to improve client experience and customer satisfaction. In what ways are you using software or technology to improve client experience?:

We some of the technological tools and software available today able to improve several components of customer satisfaction. We are able to provide more accurate proposals based on remote measurement technology involving satellite images. Our progress on particular jobs can be tracked throughout the project with our software program to ensure things are ordered correctly and are scheduled to run smoothly. Upon completion we are able to utilize a third party to survey our clients and use these results to improve the process for future our client’s projects in the future.

Rising costs for labor and building materials along with higher inflation on everything else is forcing remodelers and home pros to raise prices dramatically. Tell us about the most effective ways you are passing along these rising prices to your clients?:

This has been a real struggle for the last 9 months. We are taking price increases faster than we can raise our pricing, and complete projects. It puts everyone in an awkward position if we have to go back in and ask for a higher contract amount due to unexpected price increases. We have actually tried to counter this with larger warehouse buys to help keep our costs lower, and have used our buying power to try to negotiate with our manufacturer’s and distribution to try to keep increases minimal and have them occur less often.

Supply shortages have required you to ask clients to go back and pick another finish or building material. What are your tips for handing these product trade-off conversations?:

These are not as difficult as the price increase issues. We usually have a good idea of what is available, but having a client pick a couple of options doesn’t hurt. And, getting orders in ASAP to distribution so they have a chance to fill the order and can be held accountable helps as well.

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