Vent-A-Hood Marks 70th Year

by WOHe

Vent-A-Hood Marks 70th Year

Richardson, TX Vent-A-Hood, the Texas-based company
that was instrumental in creating the modern residential range
hood, is celebrating its 70th year in business.

The company, whose headquarters are in the Dallas
suburb of Richardson, TX, was founded in 1933 in a 250-sq.ft.
dirt-floor shed; Vent-A-Hood currently operates out of a
100,000-sq.ft. facility, with an additional 50,000 sq. ft. to be
added this year, the company said.

Vent-A-Hood’s signature product is its “Magic Lung”
centrifugal blower system whose technology was patented in 1940,
and which remains a key to eliminating grease, smoke and odors.

“We are extremely proud to be part of a company
that literally established an entire industry through its vision of
creating a cleaner and safer kitchen,” said director of sales Blake

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