Vent-free fireplaces, burners

by Kacey Larsen

Fire has the functional purposes of creating heat and light but it also can be decorative, which is where EcoSmart Fire comes in. The company uses bioethanol for a clean-burning fire source. This fuel source means products are completely self-contained, require no hard connection or need to vent, and are zero clearance.

“We often compare the installation of our products to framing in a window; it’s basically a slide in and secure operation,” says Alexander Eburne, EcoSmart CEO. “The only restrictions we have on spaces like bathrooms is minimum square footage requirements. In terms of protecting art or electronics from heat, we do have minimum clearances but they are substantially less than wood or gas burning fireplaces because of ethanol fire’s lower heat output.”

EcoSmart saw a gap in the fireplace market because both wood and gas options require ventilation, which limits design flexibility. The smoke, soot and ash byproducts of wood-burning fireplaces have caused them to be banned in some areas, Eburne explains. Also, gas-burning fireplaces are frequently not possible to add in high rise construction. EcoSmart presents BioEthanol Burners and Fireplace Inserts, which can be installed almost anywhere for seemingly limitless application options.

“We have a base set of products, both burners and fireboxes, made to a variety of sizes that can be paired with numerous materials to create a unique and specific design,” Eburne says. “Our burners can also be installed independent of the fireboxes, so a fireplace’s surround material and size can be decided by the designer rather than being dictated by our products.”

Another alternative to the typical fireplace experience is Designer Fireplaces, which are designed to be freestanding pieces of furniture. What makes these especially unique is that these models are portable, though Eburne does recommend two people do the moving for safe transport. Additionally, almost all EcoSmart products can be used both indoors and outdoors, with an outdoor cover recommended in the case of rain or snow.  

Fireplace Inserts and Fireplace Grates allow homeowners to convert from their existing wood or gas fireplaces if they are no longer using them. “Many people have and enjoy the look of their wood burning fireplaces but cannot use them anymore either because of air quality regulations or structural issues with the chimney. We wanted to let people enjoy the beauty of traditional fireplaces with the clean-burning technology of bioethanol fuel; it’s the best of both worlds,” Eburne says. “Installation requirements are minimal and generally require little more than removing the pre-existing gas line into the fireplace and capping it off.”  

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