Ventilation Spotlights Stylish Design, Smart Technology


With the rise in allergies and growing concern about airborne toxins, interest in indoor air quality continues to grow. That means ventilation is more important than ever.

In the kitchen, the need for powerful ventilation is more pressing than ever as high-power commercial-style cooking equipment continues to gain ground. In the bath, concerns about mold and mildew drive demand for effective ventilation.

Yet style trends also impact the ventilation market, with designers and consumers seeking designer hoods to act as dramatic focal points, or more subtle designs that blend seamlessly into the space.

Below are some of the hottest trends in ventilation right now.

–Kitchen ventilation styles continue to split between simple, streamlined designs that easily blend into today’s clean-lined kitchens, and more dramatic focal point designs that may incorporate glass, elaborate wood work, bold colors or shimmery metallics.

–Built-in units that pop up or then hide away with the push of a button are also popular, particularly in small kitchens where space is at a premium and visual clutter can be a concern.

–In the bath, multi-functional ventilation continues to trend, with fans that also incorporate lighting and, in some cases, music as well.

–Bath ventilation also increasingly focuses on improved sensor technology so users don’t have to remember to turn the fan on or off.

–In both the kitchen and bath, quiet ventilation is a must, with low-noise operation a critical feature for consumers. This is especially true with today’s popular open-plan kitchens.

–Improved technology continues to be a focus in the ventilation market as users seek “smart functionality” that requires minimal user input.

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