Vigilant Carpentry

by Kacey Larsen

This home office is part of a larger addition project that included indoor and outdoor entertainment areas as well as guest quarters. The overall goal of this piece of the project was to create a home office space to reflect the identity of the owner’s business—it needed to be functional, professional and mirror the personality of the owner. Planning for the office/study started well before construction began, and details of the room had to be accounted for on every phase of the project. The layout of framing, electrical and data wiring, and mechanical systems was precisely located throughout the larger addition to prepare for the final outcome of this room.

Complex trim and cabinetry necessitated vigilance from the beginning. Imperfections and errors were not an option, so careful collaboration between trades achieved details such as cherry trim, crown moulding and cabinetry. Attention to detail—such as covering the room’s windows during the installation of the trim and cabinetry to avoid any possible fading—is what makes the difference in an intricate project like this. Carefully placed wiring and mechanical fixtures were integrated with the carpentry. Finish details include a coffered ceiling and custom furniture, and raising the coffered ceiling in the center for the chandelier contributes toward making the space more intimate.

The millwork consists of cherry wood that was finished on-site. One of the challenges faced by the finish carpenters was due to the sensitivity of the wood to ultraviolet light. Because of this, the windows in the office and surrounding rooms where the wood was staged had to be covered. If the sun shone on the wood unevenly before it was finished, it would cause discoloration. Meticulous attention to detail on all aspects of the room create a cozy yet elegant home office space.

Although the office is unique to the rest of the house, it is not out of place within the flow of the addition. The room is completely custom for the homeowner, whose main goal for the project was to create a space in which he could work from home and host clients as needed. |QR


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