Vision clash: When it’s time to follow your own

by WOHe

It’s a simple question, really: Where were you before this job? But the answer doesn’t always roll off the tongue as easily as the question. When I asked this of one designer I know, the mood changed quickly. “We don’t talk about my past,†he said.

His answer was followed by stunned silence, which he eventually filled by saying, “Let’s just say my vision was not shared where I was, so I left and launched my own business.†From this point forward, the conversation returned to the happy place where it began. So much for hearing that interesting story. It doesn’t matter, really, because he’s doing just fine if you think his current multi-million dollar custom home project on Lake Michigan’s shores is “doing fine.â€

Many of you own your own architecture or construction business, like this designer. But why? Is it for reasons similar to this his? Or, was it simply time to go out on your own? Did you have entrepreneurial dreams as a child? Were you forced into buying your business from a parent?

For another business owner I met recently, it was a matter of opportunity at a young age. At the ripe age of 23, this builder was offered the chance to purchase the home building business which hired him out of college. He and another young colleague bought it and kept the former owner on staff. After time, he bought out his partner and changed the name of the company to reflect his name. For him, it was always part of the plan to be his own boss. It’s what he went to school for, and what he always wanted to do.

What’s your reason?

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