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Without proper wiring, home connectivity can be a problem in remodeling. If a home can’t support the networking of different electronic devices, a remodeler must cut into walls, which is time-consuming, expensive and can lead to mistakes. To offer a solution to this problem, Leviton Manufacturing Co., Melville, N.Y., has introduced the Vizia RF + line of lighting and home controls.

The Vizia RF + family of products features embedded Z-Wave radio-frequency technology that transforms any component—switches, lighting controls, thermostats, appliances and more—into a device that can be wirelessly controlled and monitored. The product line complements the Vizia + standard dimmers and switches, expanding their functionality for wireless communication, two-way control, scene and zone control, and remote-control operation.

“With Z-Wave, a standard technology among several electronics manufacturers, a homeowner has the ability to integrate other third-party products, such as a thermostat, garage-door opener, handheld remotes and even door locks,” says Amand Mancuso, Leviton Manufacturing’s product manager for residential home automation. “It really allows homeowners the ability to control their home system.”

Vizia RF + devices replace a single switch or dimmer with a multi-button combination switch/controller to provide local load control, plus scene and/or zone control. From a single location, homeowners can set up timed events for energy savings and safety, as well as conveniently control lighting scenes and zones from the controller unit or a handheld remote. Consequently, homeowners can turn on their entire main-level lighting zones or program exterior lights to come on at dusk with the push of a button.

“The nice thing about Vizia RF + is you can start with only two devices and build from there,” Mancuso explains. “It’s a nice way to get people comfortable with automation in one room without starting all over whenever they want to add a room or device.”

A four-button controller can replace an existing switch to maintain local control of a load, as well as allow additional buttons to be programmed for other devices. “In the past, putting in a four-button controller meant the remodeler would have to cut another hole in the wall and run wires to add another switch,” Mancuso adds. “With the new combination controllers, the switch by the front door also can incorporate the landscape lights or any number of other devices.”

To help with mapping and installing the Vizia RF + devices, Leviton Manufacturing recently launched its RF installer tool. The Windows-based software program, which is available for free online, allows remodelers to plan an integrated home electronics
system with all devices, rooms and controlled areas included. For more information about this software, visit

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