Warm floors and hot colors

by Kacey Larsen

The following product received the most reader inquiries from the February 2015 issue of Qualified Remodeler: 
MP Global Products

MP Global Products aims to add comfort and coziness to rooms with tile, stone or marble flooring with its Perfectly Warm Peel and Stick Radiant Heat for Tile Floors. The in-floor electric radiant heating system complements the company’s Perfectly Warm Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors; both use a conductive ink technology embedded in a flexible thin film. The radiant heat film of Perfectly Warm is integrated in a waterproof anti-fracture membrane while remaining sliver thin at 0.05 in. thick, which the company compares to the thickness of three stacked credit cards. Perfectly Warm for Tile Floors uses 12 watts per sq. ft., creating a gradual, even dispersal of heat. 
The product from MP Global Products is available in four rollout pad sizes – 3×5, 3×10, 1.5×5 and 1.5×10 ft. Installation can be achieved in one day without any mess, mortar or glue; the peel-and-stick mats simply roll out. The wires will be preattached at one end, and all lead wires need to be directed toward one central junction box with the final connections by an electrician to the electronic programmable thermostat. Perfectly Warm for Tile Floors is designed to be maintenance free, certified to UL 1683 and LEED compliant.
For more information, visit quietwalk.com or circle XX

The following product received the most Web page visits in April 2015:
Feeney, Inc.

Color expands indoors and outdoors, specifically to aluminum railing, with the introduction of the “Express Yourself by Feeney” line of DesignRail. Launching five colors, the company provides homeowners and designers bold and bright options in addition to the more traditional colors of black, bronze and white. DesignRail is a customized, component-based aluminum railing systems, and the addition of “Express Yourself by Feeney” presents stair, porch, indoor or deck railings as an opportunity for an accent color.
The five colors currently available are: Orange You Sassy, Not a Mellow Yellow, Red Hot Red, Blazing Blue and Margarita Green. Along with color options, a selection of mounting, top rail and infill options –such as pickets, glass and CableRail stainless steel cable infill – are available for customization. DesignRail by Feeney features an AAMA-2604 powder coated finish that creates superior color retention, impact resistance and weather protection. Optional LED lighting can be added to the railing system.
For more information, visit feeneyinc.com or circle XX.

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