We all need to spend the effort succeeding rather than avoiding.

by WOHe

I still am reading in business journals, and even industry blogs about the recent deadline (October 1) to sign up to get trained, and having until December 31, to be trained. This is in response to the cry that there were not enough trainers, so there was not enough time to comply by getting trained by April 22.

What has always intrigued me is that Massachusetts has had lead safe requirement for 10 years (give or take) and has had 400 certified firms handling the MANDATORY lead safe practices for all remodeling. It’s worked fine for 10 years.

Somehow the EPA has deemed they need about 4,000 (averaging out the EPA’s projection versus population, etc.) and the industry has bought into this.

Then you add in that the law has been promised since 2006 (actually 1998) and it’s been over a year since official notification, and the cry still is “not enough trainers”. How much time do we all need?

I bet if we polled all the certified renovators we would find a small percentage that have actually used RRP at all (for whatever reasons), which might indicate an over-supply of certified renovators for the jobs that need to be done.

What’s really the case is that this constant delay brought about by the false hope of maybe it will go away, or there needs to be more time, or there are not enough trained renovators, is really a bunch of red herrings.

And it’s a trap of sorts. When the real enforcement, and the consumer lawsuits start, there will be no position of defense by this industry who might have better used the time to prepare to do it rather than trying to figure out how not to do it.

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