Web Site Aids Consumers in ‘Creating’ Homes

by WOHe

Web Site Aids Consumers in ‘Creating’ Homes

Newton, MA HomePortfolio.com, a leading Internet destination for
home design ideas, and Excite@Home, a leader in broadband, have
launched a co-branded Web site aimed at assisting consumers in
“creating their dream homes,” the companies announced.

According to HomePortfolio.com and Excite@Home, the newly launched
Excite HomeDesign center will feature extensive home-related
product information, as well as new-home designs, how-to tips and
information on major new design trends.

HomePortfolio.com, headquartered here, operates a database of some
33,000 premium home design products, including many aimed at the
kitchen and bath, according to the company. The database also
provides referrals to 65,000 retailers who sell the featured
products, the company added. Excite@Home, which is based in Redwood
City, CA, offers residential and commercial broadband

“Excite@Home is committed to helping its customers find the
best-in-class services on the Web,” said Peter Negulescu, v.p. and
general manager of Excite content applications for

“The new Home Design center helps our customers interested in home
design get the best customized, personalized information the
Internet has to offer,” Negulescu added.

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