Web Site Offers Symbols Library For Kitchen and Bath Designers

by WOHe

Web Site Offers Symbols Library For Kitchen and Bath

Chicago A new Web site offering the first manufacturer-specific,
downloadable CAD symbols library for kitchen, bath and
home-building professionals has been launched here, according to
the site’s developer, Symbols Express, Inc.

The site www.symbolsexpress.com offers more than 1,700 product-
and manufacturer-specific CAD symbols, said Symbols Express
president James Dase, CKD, CBD. Included are symbols for
appliances, plumbing products, lighting fixtures, electronics,
architectural elements and related products that can be accessed
on-line by designers, architects and other specifiers who purchase
a $195 annual membership.

“The product-correct symbols enable designers to show clients
exactly how every item in their kitchen or bath will look on a
floor plan or elevation,” said Dase. The professionally rendered
symbols, he added, are aimed an enabling designers to “take
advantage of the collection to refine their drawings, adding a very
professional touch not found in generic product symbols.”

Dase, a 23-year kitchen and bath industry veteran, said that a
second collection, the “Idea Sketchbook,” will be added to the Web
site by next year, and will consist of groups of kitchen and bath
design concepts grouped into period collections such as Arts and
Crafts, Country French, English, Art Deco and more.

The designs, according to Dase, will be “timesaving drawings
that help designers convey a period look to their clients.

“As more and more manufacturers become involved with Symbols
Express, we hope to grow the site into the largest resource of its
kind,” Dase said.

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