A webinar to help home improvement owners mitigate tax law changes, the impact of inflation, as well as supply and labor challenges.

Presented by Dave Yoho, D.S. Berenson and Brad Yoho
Moderated by Patrick O’Toole, QUALIFIED REMODELER

A recent survey showed that only 41 percent of industry companies made a pre-tax profit of 3 percent or less in 2021 (excluding salary and expenses). Ask yourself the following: What changes are needed to earn the net profit you are entitled to?

If you are an Owner, President, or Executive in the Home Improvement or Remodeling industry, you need to watch the powerful 60-minute online session produced by Qualified Remodeler and Dave Yoho Associates that will address key questions such as:

1. What is the realistic profit a specialty home improvement,
general remodeling, design-build company should strive for?

2. How will updates to the current tax laws affect your company?

3. How can you raise your prices and simultaneously increase customer satisfaction, without negatively impacting the attitude of your sales representatives?

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