Website Educates Homeowners on Airborne Dust

by Kacey Larsen

BuildClean, maker of the BuildClean Dust Control System, has unveiled a new section on its website dedicated specifically to homeowners. The site,, is meant to be a valuable tool for remodelers, as they can build awareness around the homeowner experience and how contractors are creating a livable and healthy environment during home remodeling projects.

Livable remodeling is especially important because 9 out of 10 families stay in their homes during a remodeling project. Remodelers can direct current and prospective clients to the website to illustrate how BuildClean helps contractors eliminate airborne dust during their project. The goal of the website is to give homeowners the tools they need to breathe easier during their next remodeling project. The site includes:

  • An explanation –including illustrations –about how families and pets are in harm’s way if remodeling dust is not effectively removed from the worksite
  • Details about how BuildClean captures and eliminates dust
  • A downloadable information sheet, highlighting the important points to discuss with a contractor
  • Informative video tutorials
  • Homeowner testimonials

The BuildClean Dust Control System removes up to 90 percent of the airborne dust generated in the remodeling process, which minimizes the migration of dust. Hazardous dust is virtually eliminated, improving indoor air quality for homeowners and workers.

More information about the homeowner website can be found here, and more information about BuildClean can be found here

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