Weiland Sliding Doors Wins NACHB Vendor of the Year

Weiland Sliding Doors and Windows of Oceanside, California is the 2012 winner of NACHB’s “Vendor of the Year” award for 2012. A favorite vendor of America’s top custom home builders, Weiland continues to amaze with its unmatched product quality. “There are too many dramatic examples to draw from,” says Paul Spadone, a long-time user of Weiland’s doors. “By merging interior living spaces with the outdoors, Weiland effectively redefines the boundaries of a home.” One example of a recent Weiland application is in the Anthony Pritzker home in Los Angeles. As seen in the Wall Street Journal, this 50,000 square foot home was designed with Weiland liftslides, French doors and casement windows. The Weiland liftslide system is also featured in many commercial projects, such as the new Sony store entrances in locations across the country.  

Since the early ‘80’s, Weiland has been perfecting high performance sliding doors and windows. Their most popular door is the liftslide door whose special hardware was invented in Germany. The term “liftslide” is a direct translation of the German term “Hebeschiebe Tür.”  

The European-designed, Weiland liftslide door, uses a roller system of which allows door panels to be lifted above a 3/16″ patented flush track to roll easily when opening or closing. When lowered, the weight of the door, special gaskets, and multi-point locking hardware provide weather resistance and security like no other.

The factory is located in north San Diego County and is open to tours upon request. A demonstration of liftslides, folding doors, pivot and French doors, windows including fixed, casement, and tilt-turns, leaves one with a real sense that this factory truly represents “Made in USA” quality and pride.

NACHB is proud of the accomplishments of Weiland and its contribution to the custom home building industry. Weiland stands apart in demonstrating a commitment to quality. “They truly transform the ordinary to the extraordinary in home building,” says Deb Vassallo. “Winner of NACHB’s Vendor of the Year, Weiland Sliding Doors and Windows is without equal.”

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