When life puts you through a test, stand tall

by WOHe

I’ve learned a lot lately about managing change. I’m not talking about the coins in my pocket, I’m talking about major changes in my professional life. Sometimes you have time to think about and prepare for change, but preparation can’t always prepare you for the reality of change.

I know many of you, too, have been through major changes during these past few years, including downsizing, doing double duty, doing more with less, or doing more for less. The story is the same in many places.

And now, as the economy improves, be prepared for employees to begin a game of musical chairs. Be ready to lose employees who believe the grass is greener somewhere else; probably at your competitor. Have a plan for this, and for other changes. Get your processes written down on paper. Get job descriptions firmed up. Think about these changes, and be ready to adapt at any moment.

Right now, millions of people in this country are finding out what they’re made of. Whether they’ve been laid off, been left to do the work of those who lost their jobs, been forced to file bankruptcy, had to foreclose on their home, or close their business, people are being tested. I’ve been tested lately, and I’m finding out that I’m stronger than I thought I was. It hasn’t been easy, but as the cliché goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I’m still standing.

How are you being tested? Let me know.

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