Wilsonart Int’l. Cleared of Price Fixing Charges

by WOHe

Wilsonart Int’l. Cleared of Price Fixing

Temple, TX The U.S. Dept. of Justice has notified Wilsonart
International that no indictments are being brought against
Wilsonart or several other high-pressure laminate (HPL)
manufacturers by a grand jury investigating alleged price fixing in
the HPL industry, the company said.

According to Wilsonart officials, the grand jury found that the
Temple, TX manufacturer of laminate, solid surface material and
related products did not violate any antitrust laws in its role as
one of the nation’s leading suppliers in the highly competitive HPL

“For nearly 50 years Wilsonart has operated, and will continue
to operate, its business with integrity,” said Wilsonart
International spokesperson Alison DeMartino. “We are very pleased
by the decision to end this investigation.”

The action by the Dept. of Justice “further strengthens
Wilsonart’s resolve to vigorously defend itself” in several civil
lawsuits that have since been filed against HPL manufacturers,
including Wilsonart, DeMartino commented.

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