Yoho: Missed Leads A Hidden Asset

by Emily Blackburn

Dave Yoho, president of David Yoho Associates, stated today that they have signed a joint venture agreement with Springs Connect, a company specializing in lead recovery located in Carlisle, PA.

Yoho went on to say, “This is a $325 billion industry driven by homeowner’s needs and desires. Beyond the cost of research and new product design, there is the high cost of taking these products and services to the market. In 2019 the average cost of an issued lead varied from a low of $175 to a high of over $500. This is a dangerously high cost for producing leads.”

John Pohl, president of Springs Connect stated, “In this critical area of asset recovery, we see far too many companies that leave too much on the table often impairing their brand image.”

Common Issues with Lead Generation

There are a number of solutions Yoho Associates has to lower the number of leads which do not get issued as an aftermath of direct contact. Direct contact includes shows, events, and canvassing. “The industry needs to modernize their lead development techniques with what the industry calls ‘one leggers.'”

In addition, there is a need for an updated customer satisfaction oriented “revisit” program. Companies can achieve this without offering a lower priced product option, which gains revenue, yet reduces profit margins. This requires scripting and performance that operate within FTC regulations for following after a call did not produce a sale. For example, Springs Connect operates a special service call center with scripts. This aids in reducing rescission and permit a company to have a modern, workable customer satisfaction oriented cancel/save program.

According to Yoho’s study on the “cost and use” of leads, advertising and events contribute to the cost of lead development. Additionally, beyond these original costs, there is often well-intended, but unconscious and misguided, mishandling of leads. This creates difficulty in making and confirming an appointment with all interested parties for the project review.

Yoho concluded by stating, “We believe our two companies have the solutions to what we call, “asset recovery”. Springs Connect is a positive prescription and solution for most of these problems. Their asset recovery program revives old, unused or misused leads.”

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